This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Hewitt. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Agnes 1941   Clark, James, Williams, Robert Hewitt, Robert Watson, Jeanie
Andrew about 1887-06-10 about 1943-03-06 Jackson, Elizabeth Hewitt, Robert Robertson, Mary
Andrew about 1929-10-30 about 1996-10-12 Aldcroft, Mary Hewitt, David Scally, Agnes
Andrewina about 1916-07-02 about 1986 Johnson, Peter, Collins, Joseph Hewitt, Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth
Andrewina 1936   Robertson, Andrew Hewitt, Robert Watson, Jeanie
Angus Jackson 1929     Hewitt, Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth
Anne Turpie 1943 2014 Niven, William Cochrane Hewitt, Robert Watson, Jeanie
Catherine 1919 1981 Cuthill, Matthew Henry Hewitt, Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth
David about 1910 1961-01-01 Scally, Agnes Hewitt, Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth
David about 1934 1994   Hewitt, David Scally, Agnes
Elizabeth Campbell Bradford 1908-03-08 1975 Graham, Arthur Hewitt, Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Jackson 1962 1990   Hewitt, John Donovan, Margaret
Henry Robert Maxwell 1901   Hewitt, Thomas Maxwell, Annie
James about 1940 1994   Hewitt, David Scally, Agnes
Jean 1933 2016   Hewitt, Robert Watson, Jeanie
John 1846 1873 McInall, Elizabeth Hewitt, Thomas Grierson, Elizabeth
John 1921 1980 Donovan, Margaret Hewitt, Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth
John about 1933 1996   Hewitt, David Scally, Agnes
Margaret Watson 1937 2020 Ayres, Sydney Francis Hewitt, Robert Watson, Jeanie
Patricia Scally 1943   Dakan, Hassan Hewitt, David Scally, Agnes
Rebecca Hayman about 1912 1993 Docherty, Francis Duncan Hewitt, Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth
Robert   Robertson, Mary  
Robert       Hewitt, David Scally, Agnes
Robert about 1906-08-18 about 1946 Watson, Jeanie Hewitt, Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth
Sarah McCormack 1926 1996 McIntyre, James Hewitt, Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth
Thomas about 1825   Grierson, Elizabeth  
Thomas 1873 1957 Maxwell, Annie, Howison, Jane Gillies Willis Hewitt, John McInall, Elizabeth
Thomas 1910 1975   Hewitt, Thomas Howison, Jane Gillies Willis