This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Sergeant. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Alistair 1981   Burley, Kirsten Sergeant, Donald Arthur, Theresa
Andrew 1978-09-17 1978   Sergeant, Donald Arthur, Theresa
Boy1       Sergeant, Stephen Atherton, Sarah
Boy2       Sergeant, Stephen Atherton, Sarah
Donald 1948   Arthur, Theresa Sergeant, George Williamson, Ellen
Edwin 1912   Greig, Elizabeth Jean Sergeant, George Leonard, Mary
George 1874   Leonard, Mary Sergeant, Thomas Dunn, Margaret
George 1910 1985 Williamson, Ellen Sergeant, George Leonard, Mary
Georgina 1901 1962   Sergeant, George Leonard, Mary
John 1907 1997   Sergeant, George Leonard, Mary
Karen       Sergeant, Donald Arthur, Theresa
Madge 1899 1992   Sergeant, George Leonard, Mary
Margaret 1898 1986   Sergeant, George Leonard, Mary
Margaret Leonard 1932 2022 Neil, John Sergeant, Thomas Polwarth, Agnes
Mary 1897 1980   Sergeant, George Leonard, Mary
Michelle 1979     Sergeant, Donald Arthur, Theresa
Rachel, 3G 1812 1878 Robinson, James, Sergeant, Robert  
Rachel 1863-05-24 1933 O'Byrne, Peter Sergeant, Thomas Anderson, Jane
Robert     Sergeant, Rachel 3G  
Stephen 1981   Atherton, Sarah Sergeant, Donald Arthur, Theresa
Thomas 1841   Anderson, Jane, Dunn, Margaret Sergeant, Robert Sergeant, Rachel 3G
Thomas 1904 1976 Polwarth, Agnes Sergeant, George Leonard, Mary
Thomas Henry 1871 1871   Sergeant, Thomas Dunn, Margaret
Thomas Leithead 1940 2018 MacDonald, Flora Marion Sergeant, Thomas Polwarth, Agnes
Willow       Sergeant, Stephen Atherton, Sarah