This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Smith. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Alan       Smith, George O'Byrne, Mary Bell
Andrew Robert 1909 1973   Smith, Robert McCleery, Margaret
Annie Ross 1892 1985 McCreadie, William Smith, William McCreadie, Jane
Bella 1899   Turner, William John Smith, Robert McCleery, Margaret
Catherine 1869-06-09 Wilson, James Charles Smith, Robert Hattrick, Ellen
Colin, 4C 1959     Smith, Douglas Murdoch O'Byrne, Irene
David 1906   Sneddon, Janet Campbell  
Douglas Murdoch 1932 2000 O'Byrne, Irene  
Elizabeth     Kane, Michael  
Elizabeth 1905 1995 Millar, William Wallace  
Elizabeth Somerville 1903 1970 Templeton, James Smith, Robert McCleery, Margaret
Ellen 1874-02-03   Laing, Allen Smith, Robert Hattrick, Ellen
Frances 1912 1973 Carroll, William Smith, Robert McCleery, Margaret
George     O'Byrne, Mary Bell  
George about 1877   McNeil, Margaret Smith, Thomas Morrison, Agnes
Grace 1880-04-03 1952 Townend, Samuel William Smith, Robert Hattrick, Ellen
Grizel     Gordon, Elphingston  
Jane 1872     Smith, Robert Hattrick, Ellen
Jane 1900 1972 Lynas, John B Smith, Robert McCleery, Margaret
John 1867     Smith, Robert Hattrick, Ellen
Margaret 1910 1911   Smith, Robert McCleery, Margaret
Margaret 1920 1920   Smith, Robert McCleery, Margaret
Margaret McNeil Millar 1938   Armstrong, James McNeil, James Shaw Smith Goddard, Elizabeth
Mary 1883     Smith, Robert Hattrick, Ellen
Mary Jane     McMullan, Daniel Smith, William
Peggy Sandlan, Johnstone  
Robert 1840 1916 Hattrick, Ellen Smith, William
Robert 1876 1944-10-31 McCleery, Margaret Smith, Robert Hattrick, Ellen
Samuel 1840 1886 Price, Hannah  
Sarah     McGowan, James  
Thomas about 1832   Morrison, Agnes  
Violet 1916 1997 Preston, George Smith, Robert McCleery, Margaret
Wendy     Queal, Dennis  
William 1861   McCreadie, Jane Smith, Samuel Price, Hannah
William 1865   Smith, Robert Hattrick, Ellen
William 1914 1973   Smith, Robert McCleery, Margaret