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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
    McCormick, Darlene Victoria  
    McCormick, George  
    Duncan, Stanley Mervin  
    Jackson, John  
    English, Carolyn  
    Edgar, William  
    Taylor, James  
Chapman, Robert  
Angela     Reilly, Frank  
Annabel about 1933   Frew, James  
Barbara     Hollinsworth, Lawrence 4C1R  
Betty     Templeton, Victor  
Catherine     Mawhinney, James Jackson  
Cathy     Cairney, Michael A  
Dianna     Watson, Clay  
Dianne   McCormick, James Russel  
Eliza     Kerr, Hugh  
Elizabeth AllanYoung      
Elspeth 1757-10-01     Douglass, John Douglass, Janet
Gillian     McCormick, Angus John  
Greyson about 2018-08-25     Simpson, Justin Beer, Justice Lynne
Isabella 1806 1883 Jackson, George  
Jane     Queal, Leland Mitchell  
Jennifer     English, Ben  
Josephine     Hattrick, Joseph  
Joyce     Sandlan, John  
Judy     Graham, Ronald  
Lana     Watson, Gary Brooks  
Linda     Graham, Murray  
Marie     Templeton, Andrew  
Mary 1806 1881 McCaul, Charles  
Muriel     Mathers, George  
Peggy     Templeton, James  
Rachel, 4G   Doran, James 4G  
Robin     Graham, Edmund  
Sandy     Willoughby, James  
Shirley     McCormick, Maxwell  
UnK UNKNOWN     Burns, James  
Unassociated photos        
Unknown       Underwood, Paul McCormick, Morag Jean
Unknown     Cassells, John Campbell  
unknown     Duncan, Nathaniel